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Marvels given to the world by Athens.

Athenians were the trendsetters in the world of architecture.  Being modest to the architecture but bringing finest of art to the world of architecture. They have ruled the architectural world by giving it some great marvels. The Athenians people indeed have brought the heaven down in their architectural pieces


The Bamboo Forest of Southern China-Sports, Space and Stadium of Shenzhen

The architectural inspiration of Universiade Stadium came from a valuable mineral, Crystal. “Crystal” evolves from the ancient Greek vocabulary “Krystallos”, translates into Chinese as “water of pure white”. The notion of crystal has been assimilated, perceived, and discovered by the lighting design team in order to create design ideas for the stadium. Element for the Paralympic sports center in


CN Tower, Toronto free-standing tower

Toronto’s CN Tower is no longer the world’s biggest freestanding structure. Now it is the world's 3rd tallest tower following the Canton Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree, and 5th tallest free-standing structure following both of these, the Shanghai Tower, and the Burj Khalifa.

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