5 Ideas - How to Arrange a Dressing Table

Oct 15, 2019

Only a woman can understand the importance of such a piece of furniture as a dressing table. And our today’s post is for you! Which model to choose, where to put, how to organize the stuff – everything is graphically described in photos without any more comments.

1. What does a dressing table mean for a woman? It’s an hour or more spent on seeing the beauty, creating new styles or timeless striving for perfection. It’s time for absolutely special state of mind – meditation, anger management and harmony with oneself and the world around. Yes, it’s not that simple! In fact, it’s never simple, when it comes to women.

2. A position of Dressing table:- Depending on the model and your needs a dressing table can be put in a bedroom, a walk-in closet, a bathroom or even a living room. At the same time you should consider special “climatic” features of each room; for instance, a bathroom is characterized by high moisture, a hallway collects much dust and mud, and bedroom air is usually too dry due to radiators.

3. Design of a dressing table:- A bright model with spectacular design may become a centerpiece of your room. Or vice versa – a plain dressing table can be easily fit in the space between a closet and a chest of drawers.

4. Coating of drawers:- You may buy transparent plastic covers for your cosmetics independently. You’ll surely need them if you don’t feel like cleaning dust from every tube or box every day.

5. Lighting:- One more essential issue about a dressing table is the lighting. Ideally, you should install a few track lights around the mirror. And if you have no chance to put a big full-fledged mirror, buy a special compact round model with backlights.