9th century Indonesian ancestor worship world's largest Buddhist temple

Oct 16, 2019

This is the 9th century Buddhist temple and the largest construction in the world. This remarkable landmark has more than 500 Buddha statues, and some have a very supernatural and amazing design. Year 825 AD Completed around, Borobudur is still a popular pilgrimage place. Numerous temples were actually lost under volcanoes as long as they were not detected again in the early 1800's. Borobudur is the 9th century magelang Buddhist temple, which is not far from the city of Muntilan in central Java, Indonesia. It is the world's largest Buddhist temple.

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The temple depicts the influence of secret art, which reflects India's influence on this field, though enough indigenous scenes and elements to make Borobudur a unique Indonesian.

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This monument is the temple of Lord Buddha and is the place of Buddhist pilgrimage. Journey of pilgrimage begins with the foundation of the monument and follows the path around the monument, which climbs to the top of the three levels. This monument guides pilgrims through a wide array of CDAV and corridor with 1,460 narrative relief panels on the walls and balustrades. Borobudur is one of the largest and most complete ensembles of Buddhist Relief in the world.