Aesthetic for a seafaring theme building –Aqua

Oct 16, 2019

Aesthetic for a seafaring theme building –Aqua

It's a welcome addition to the skyline, won many awards including one from PETA since the design prevents migrating birds do not fly into it. It has achieved numerous awards for excellence in design, from the time it appeared on the Chicago skyline. Inspired by its Natural environment. It’s fair to say Aqua is a star-maker, with its 2009 completion putting the city’s newest neighborhood, Lakeshore East, on the tip of everyone’s tongue. And though Aqua certainly wasn’t architect Jeanne Gang’s first project, it is the one that put her on Chicagoans' architectural radar. From distance, you notice the texture of the undulating balconies and the ‘pools’of reflective glass that do look like water. But Aqua is unique among all the other skyscrapers because the best view is a closeup, just across the street, looking up at those concrete balconies that appear soft, like marshmallow outcropping. studio gang the mold with the design, without breaking the bank with its construction cost.

Magellan Development Group LLC attached the name ‘Aqua’ to the structure.  It creates a community on its facade. The differential cantilevering balconies on Aqua transform a standardized glass box into a sublime amorphous form.

It’s a residential skyscraper in the Lakeshore East development in the downtown Chicago is an 82-story mixed use. It consists of five levels of parking underground These outdoor terraces are cantilevered up to 4m (12ft) and have a depth of 23cm (9in) which thins out towards the edge of the cantilever to assist with water drainage. The terraces differ in shape from floor to floor causing each floor plate to differ. The challenge of constructing unique floor plates was solved by implementing a computerized civil engineering and surveying software program and digital CAD files for inputting the coordinates of each unique slab to a robotic station used onsite. This system was used to set in place light-gauge steel plate edge-forms according to the contours. After the concrete had set, these steel forms would be removed and easily reshaped according to the contours of the next level. A garden terrace with 82,550 sq ft (7,669 m2) has a base of 140,000 sq ft (13,000 m2) and gazebos, pools, hot tubs, a walking or running track and a fire pit.Floor envelops roughly 16,000 sq ft (1,500 m2 ). 55,000 sq ft (5,100 m2) is covered by retail and office space,also 215 hotel rooms (floors 1-18), 476 rental residential units (floors 19-52), and 263 apartment units & brood (floors 53-81),It has 24 elevators. A large-scale coiled staircase logically joints the tower and public park below. The tower’s east-west direction magnify its winter solar conduct. Its balconies extend further on the southern façade to provide shading, reducing solar exposure in summer and allowing passive warming in winter.

On an old brownfield site, the site is committed 50% of open green space. By 25% standard zoning ceremony Chicago is outdo. This green roof is one of the largest in the city and also features a drainage system that includes water collection for its irrigation. Furthermore, Aqua exceeds the City of Chicago’s minimal requirements for natural ventilation and sunlight by more than 50% in over 90% of its spaces.