Amba Vilas Palace which is located in Mysore city of Karnataka

Oct 16, 2019

Amba Vilas Palace is known as Mysore Palace which is located in Mysore city of Karnataka. Mysore Palace has been built in 14th century by the Wodeyar kings. After the Taj Mahal, Mysore Palace is India's second most popular tourist attraction. Amba Villas Palace is a world famous Mysore Dasara festival spot with parade elephants and other events in the palace grounds. Thanjavur Maratha Palace Complex, which is locally known as Aranmanai, today is the official residence of Bhonsle family, which captured the Tanjore from 1674 to 1855.

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Thanjavur Maratha Palace was originally built by the rulers of the Thanjavur Nayak Empire. After the fall of the Thanjavur Nayak Empire, he served as the official residence of Thanjavur Maratha. When most of the Thanjavur Maratha Empire was connected by the British Empire in 1799, Thanjavur continued to rule over the Maratha Mahal and the surrounding fort. Even after the last king Shivaji, Bhonsle went to the palace of the palace.

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The palace complex includes the Sadar mahal Palace, the Queen's courtyard and the Durbar Hall. There is a grand collection of Chola bronze in the Royal Palace Museum. The King Surfaji Memorial Hall and the Royal Palace Museum are located in the Sadar Palace Palace. There is also a small bell tower. The Saraswathi Mahal Library is located along the Thanjavur Palace complex.