Amsterdam, if you are more of an architecture person.

Oct 16, 2019

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with splendid architecture, be it old or new. It is believed to be discovered in the 12th century by the fishermen who used to live on the banks of the river Amstel. They built a bridge across the waterway near the IJ and then a large saltwater inlet.  Amsterdam never misses the opportunity to make you drop your jaw. Be it the old church or the institutes you want to study in (because of the amazing architecture), the hotels, and the buildings. The city is basically urbanized by the plans and marvelous cycling infrastructure, tulip bridges over the water and last but not the least the old merchant houses tilt at impossible angles.

The places:

Let’s scribble about the most defensive architecture of Amsterdam.

The WoZoCo:

Built in the year 1997, was a housing complex in the start designed and constructed by the MVRDV. The apartment opens up living space of 100 units. Because of the height restrictions, the architects couldn’t place all the 1000 apartments in a linear form. The apartments which couldn’t fit in the linear ways were made to fit in the northern side, with an east-west orientation.

The Science Centre NEMO:

The designer of this place Renzo Piano is a renowned architect of Europe. Constructed by 1997, this museum has a ship like formation. To give the shape a little justice it is also surrounded by water. A pedestrian ramp leads up onto the building’s sloping roof that serves as a public piazza for visitors and as a social focus for the neighborhood.


The Architecture of the well-known site of Amsterdam is René van Zuuk. It is a location in the Prins Hendrikkade 600 of Amsterdam and was constructed by the year 2003. It is an art gallery which is compact and the tree layers are joined by vides. The building can be known as aluminum building as it is coated from top to bottom by aluminum.

Borneo/ Sporenburg Bridges:

The architects of these weird bridges are West 8. It connects the residential area to the harbor line. Two of the bridges, one on the West side and the other on the East side, span the 93-meter wide water of the Railroad basin and connect the islands of Borneo and Sporenburg.


Completed in the year 2004 by the Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, this place is a residence for students. The students living in it are the students who designed this building. Six different façades with six different colors were chosen to make several changing combinations. The house’s main aim was to make it reusable, less at cost and another one was rapid construction. So the architects used a prefabricated system out of containers of 9 by 3 meters.

Anne Frank House

The architecture of the most famous site of Amsterdam is Dirk van Delft. Constructed by 1635, this place was a private residence at first and then a warehouse and later in the 19th century the front of the house was used as the house for the horses. The property was then occupied by a household appliance manufacturer, who ruled out the owner of piano rolls (who occupied the place in 1939) earlier in the 20th century. On 1 December 1940 Anne’s father Otto Frank moved here. The Secret Annex is the rear extension of the building. They were hidden here for 2years and a month until they were preceded to death by the Nazi’s.

There is no less to discuss the city. But ill buckle up with this much on the city and the architectural place in the city.