Oct 16, 2019

APTO JJ is an interior design project by StudioColnaghi, 165.00 m² apartment project in the city of Novo Hamburgo, RS - Brazil.

Apartment with a double ceiling in the living area with the large glazed area that soon was the point of the departure for the appreciation of the visual and the sensation of the greater amplitude in the space.


They developed several layout studies until they got the “island” configuration of the dining/bar lounge giving the greater flexibility of the circulation and the appreciation of the large glass/cellar in the background. People like to invite friends and families but also that it is intimate for the moments only in the family so that the big sofa has this idea. The social beings take into the account for this configuration that much of the time. It will be a place of familiar coexistence and comfort. The sofa will also chaise besides valuing the space is also the perfect mobile just enjoy the moment.

The entire design follows the same line of the inspiration that despite the neutral base is well valued by the punctual choice of design pieces. Many of the pieces of the furniture if from the designer Jader Almeida, Brand Solos and they identify the design with this proposal and the style of the customers. They explore the lighter shades of the wood with the shades of white and gray by bringing a very cozy palette and punctual highlights.


The natural tamari wood flooring with the fishbone placement is darling of the design, which is served as the starting of a point for various color combinations made. Indirect light effects are quite recurrent in design, they work with the various effects in the composition with the designed woodworking.

They love working with the effects of the different textures and the effect of the natural lights, effects that are evidenced in some of the photographer’s clicks.