Architectural Towers buildings Design in dubai.

Oct 16, 2019

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0-14 tower in Business Bay

O-14 Dubai is a skyscraper located in Business Bay, United Arab Emirates. It is 102 meters high and has 23 floors. The floor area of ​​the building is 300,000 sq ft. There is a 1-meter space between the facade and the windows that grow hot air and allow cool air to come from below. 40 cm in the facade Composed of thick and highly liquid concrete. It has 1000 rounds of different sizes open. This building is taken by the core and exoskeleton so the inside space is mostly free of columns. O-14 is the 2009 Silver, Emporis Skyscraper Award winner. O-14 won the 2010 ACC National Honor Award for Engineering in Engineering Design. O-14 recipients of the best high house recipients of the Middle East and Africa were recipients of the best high-level buildings provided by the Council on Tool Buildings and Urban Housing.

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Etisalat building

Middle Eastern cities are often criticized for adopting a derivative, Western modern architecture instead of defining their own identity. This would be fair criticism of Dubai, but the telecommunications headquarters building and radio tower by Canadian architect Arthur Erickson is a major exception. Based on British Columbia, Erickson is a surprisingly Rootless Architect who had traveled in the Middle East from the 1950s and made numerous original glass and concrete geometry around the world, with a significant decrease in consistent domestic style. As Erickson describes himself, "I am fortunate that I can see Canada, the country without culture and the world. Dubai Tower is mostly for the unmixed design of Ericsson for Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, 1973, in which the steel with the same Geometry of Glass Prism at the top The sloping glass in Dubai sets the typical Radome "Golf Ball" in which the Etisalat's radio Antennas is there.

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Maze Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai has become known as the leading for development and design. The last addition of buildings, the finished parade and the stunning design, is a 57-story skyscraper, which is known as 'Tower Tower' on Sheikh Zayed Road. It was completed in January 2012 and is an attractive road design that covers front and rear areas. With this unique design, the tower and its architects are allowed in the group of Al Rostama to achieve the title of the world's tallest vertical street recognized by Guinness World Records. It has been made of stone, and this building has been built in the building by combining multiple residential units and office balconies.