A bill has been passed by the French Senate stating that the Notre-Dame Cathedral should be rebuilt was the same as the fire, which destroyed its roof and spire last month. The restoration bill states that the reconstruction must create a cathedral that is faithful to the "last known visual state" of the building, reports French newspaper Le Monde. It also says the restoration establishment must rebuild Eugene Viollet-le-Duc's spire, and any use of new material will need to be justified.

The French Senate the upper house of the French parliament is adopted the text late Monday night. Senators added clauses to a bill created by the lower house of the French parliament, the National Assembly.

Both the right of the National Assembly and the Senators has to agree on the text before the bill goes ahead. Once passed through both houses, it will determine how the state-owned building's reorganization collection moves forward. Because of these announcements, numerous architects and designers have come up with research proposals on how a cathedral can be rebuilt with a modern twist. Some designers, including Vincent Callebaut, Miysis Studios and StudioNAB, have proposed adding glass ceilings to the building, while many others have proposed alternative spires to get to the top of the building.


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