Asian and Modern formation dome house and skyscraper buildings art

Oct 16, 2019

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Dome House

Cape Romano Dome House is an abandoned modern home, located on the island of Caxambas in the south of Cape Romano Marco Island in Ten Thousand Islands, Caxambas County, Florida. It was created in 1980 by Bob Lee, a retired industrialist, who was abandoned in 1992, which was sold to John Tosto in 2005. Despite the intentions made on the original ground, coastal erosion meant that by 2018 it is about 180 feet offshore. The structure is never meant to be accessible by boat, and does not have any landings or docking facilities.

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Gherkin Building

30 St. Mary X, informally called The Gherkin, London's primary financial district, is a professional skyscraper in London City. It was completed in December 2003 and opened in April 2004. With 41 floors, it is 180 meters high and is located on the Baltic Exchange and Chamber of Shipping, which was heavily damaged by the bombs placed by the irrevocable IRA in 1992. In St. Mary X, a narrow street from Leiden Hall Street. After plans to plan a 92-story Millennium Tower, 30 St. Mary's X was built by Norman Foster and Arup Group. It was made by Skanska; Construction started in 2001. This building has become an identifiable feature of London, and it is one of the most famous examples of contemporary architecture in the city.

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Tempe Municipal Building

Temp municipal building is a reversed pyramid-shaped building that serves as Temp, Arizona City Hall. It was designed by architect Michael Goodwin and Kemper Goodwin, and was built during 1969-1971. In contrast to the building the pyramid shape cools in the summer and remains warm in winter. The ground floor has only 2,025 square feet reception space, while the second floor is 5,625 square feet and the third floor is 10,000 square feet. Council Chambers are half-buried at the basement level. The building moves through the free-standing fire-bear towers.