Oct 16, 2019

1.The Botanical Garden of Curitiba

A superior drove distraction in the city is located in the middle of Curitiba, "Jardim Botânico Fanchette Rischbieter", was inaugurated in 1991.T his foxy greenhouse was Influenced by the mid-19th century Crystal Palace of London. A backyard where many sided species of plants are grown. An art nouveau building spanning over 450 square meters of expertise, fenced by waterfalls and fountains, is a polished construction made of glass and metal. There's also a museum behind the plot.

2.Basque Health Department Headquarters, Bilbao

One may think the building is an art gallery or museum in place of an office building. But the 13-story headquarters of the Basque Health Department is one of the epochal buildings in Spain. A dazzling block of glass and steel is designed by Coll-Barreu Arquitectos. Its polyhedral glass facade grant the natural light to ping inside and make the interior lucid and also reflects the sky. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Bilbao.

3.Hotel W, Barcelona

Located on the beachfront along the famous Barceloneta boardwalk. Spanish cities are not just known for their archaic architecture but modern constructions as well. It sets an ideal example of the upgrading of modern architecture. Drafted by world-renowned architect Ricardo Bofill, and completed in 2009, this style icon is covered by glass which transmits the natural light. This 5-star façade hotel is designed in the model of a sail, which fanned it the nickname Hotel Vela (Sail Hotel), the glass walls provide an eye-catching view of the Mediterranean Sea from the backside.

4.Dancing House, Prague

A historic architecture also known as Fred and Ginger, the Dancing House is an extraordinary monument of modern architecture. Constructed in 1996, the location of this dancing spot is in Prague near the Vltava river, in the midst of old classic buildings. Structure of the monument resembles a pair of dancers, It was designed by architects Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry. Although controversial on its construction, This unordinary shape was awarded by Time magazine in 1996. 99 concrete panels have supported this historic shape each with a different shape and dimension. A vast twisted structure of metal on the edge of the building is nicknamed Mary. The house consist of two main parts first contains a glass tower that narrows at half its height and is supported by curved pillars; the second runs parallel to the river and is characterized by undulating moldings and unaligned windows.

5.National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing

It’s a copy of modern architecture also known as National Grand Theatre Located in Beijing, it is a flexible glass building designed by French architect Paul Andreu. Built in 2007, the building is made of titanium and glass and is commonly called ‘The Giant Egg’ by the natives owing to its shape. It is surrounded by an artificial lake. The building houses an opera house, concert hall and theatre hall which can together seat more than 5000 guests.