Bathroom Trends 2018


The bathroom is, necessarily, one of the most functional areas in the house.

1.Black and white bathrooms

This classic color scheme is the epitome of elegance. From sleek, contemporary spaces to rustic, farmhouse style, bring on the glamour. This bathroom uses large format black floor tiles with equally large slabs on the wall for a seamless and dramatic look. Stick with angular, geometric shapes and simple forms to keep the look clean and modern as illustrated in this classic black and white bathroom ensemble.Combine bold geometric patterns with classic bathroom furniture and light fixture to create a strong style statement. A hint of metallic-gold or platinum-will is perfect.


Gold is definitely experiencing a renaissance moment right now. The right tone is important. Think gentle champagne or rose gold in combination with the quiet luxury of marble. Glossy surfaces, mirrored finishes, and glass can make a huge difference in the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to go the shimmer and shine way, and do ensure to strike the right balance.soft naturals-white, blush, mint green, or even grey-will offer a magical setting for an all-gold look.use rose gold ‘s elegance to create an ambiance of feminine sophistication or brushed bronze’s understated luster to complement a stone vessel.

3.His and her bathrooms​

A double vanity provides ample space for partners to prep for a night out or for visitors to settle in. His and her bathroom sinks are excellent for family homes where extra amenities can make life easier. And if you have the luxury of space, then why not?

4.Organic style​

Bathroom design seems to be heading in two distinctly different directions-one setts of homeowners want a spa-inspired, stylish and refined space and another group embraces the textural beauty and imperfect elegance. Unfinished brick, stone, concrete and brick walls all come with a touch of pleasantly welcomed in modern interiors. It offers textural depth and adds character to space.

5.Bathrooms suites​

The Bathroom is being transformed into a welcoming living space equipped with every conceivable comfort-the perfect place to relax and unwind. Luxurious, materials, warm colors and high-quality accessories come together in the living bathroom to create a very soothing atmosphere. Adorn the walls with your favorite artworks, bring in statement furniture, add mood lighting, make it your private sanctuary.