Best Works of Raj rewal in india.

Oct 16, 2019

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Indian National Science Academy

Indian National Science Academy in New Delhi is the supreme body of Indian scientists representing all branches of science and technology. Indian National Science Academy promotes science and its use in India. It was originally established in 1935 and was called the 'National Institute of Science of India' until the present name was adopted in the 1970s.

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Hall of Nations - Pragati Maidan

Pragati Maidan is the venue of large exhibitions and conventions in New Delhi. It has an area of more than 150 acres (area of display space of 625,000 square meters, it was Delhi's largest exhibition center, it is managed, operated, controlled and operated by the Business Promotion Organization of India, Ministry of Trade Promotion Agency, Trade and Industry, Government of India It was demolished in April 2017.

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Parliament Library Building

Parliament's museum is a museum near Parliament House in the library building of Parliament House in New Delhi. On December 29, 1989, the Lok Sabha Speaker of the Lok Sabha was inaugurated by Parliament House in Annexe, after which he was present in Parliament Hall of the Sansadiya Gyanpeeth, Special Hall of Parliament Library Building, where it was inaugurated by the President of India on 7th May 2002. , K R Narayanan Inauguration of Interactive Museum President A. P.J Abdul kalam. this was made by. On August 15, 2006, Abdul Kalam It is an interactive museum that tells us the story of India's freedom struggle. It is also a rare collection of gifts from foreign delegates to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

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Visual Arts Institutional Campus in Rohtak

Pandit Lakhmi Chand University is a University of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak, India. It is a joint campus of four organizations: State Institute of Film and Television, State Institute of Design, State Institute of Fine Arts and the State Institute of Urban Planning and Architecture.