Canada aesthetic and auditory pleasure pavilion

Oct 16, 2019

The Partisans Unveils, in collaboration with HXouse and Besix, have unveiled their proposal for the Expo 2020 Canada Pavilion titled "Portal". The pavilion plans to create a “alluring architectural invitation to walk within Canadian identity." Visitors Have Different Social Experience Structures Make Canada a Model for the World Using Data Collection and AI to reconceived Different Population in the Country as AI-generated interactive cloud.

The pavilion is conceived as a porous cloud that features shelters galleries and shaded semi-public spaces. The crystalline dendritic form, almost entirely derived from calculation, has an openness that represents the diversity of Canadian culture. The resulting cloud-like form "describes numerous technologies, on which the dreams of its residents are digitally predicted."

The form of the pavilion is also shaped by the climate. Apart from interlocking panels that capture and interact with changing sunlight, the canopy creates a conduit for natural ventilation. The integration of water features contributes to the formation of microclimates within the canopy while developing regional uses of water for aesthetic and auditory pleasure.