City Hyde Park is a new apartment rental society located in downtown Hyde Park.

Oct 16, 2019

Hyde Park is a neighbourhood and society area on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. It is situated on the shore of Lake Michigan 11 km south of the Chicago circle. Hyde Park took national attention for its association with U.S. President Barack Obama, who before running for chief executive was a professor of law at the University of Chicago. Hyde Park is one of Chicago's most racially diverse neighbourhoods. Its inhabitants of a place are 46.8% White, 29.9% African American, 12.1% Asian American, 7.0% Hispanic, and 4.2% of other running or of more than 1 race.

City Hyde Park is a romantic mixed-use tower at the heart of one of Chicago's most colourful neighbourhoods. In adding to a wide difference of community amenities, its design support first-class views of the skyline and Lake Michigan, fostering contact to the neighbourhood and city outside limits. The building's artistic concrete panel structure circuit around something from one floor to the next develops in an upright array of bays, balconies, and sunshades that frame active interior and exterior spaces. With outdoor gardens, a fitness centre, and close nearness to something to world-class parks relating to sports venues, and cultural donation, City Hyde Park is a community with advantage at its core. Just an elevator ride away from the ground floor, Whole Foods Market and a few steps from Metra and express buses, residents are at the centre of activity of Hyde Park while related to the city as a whole.

City Hyde Park conceives the urban set of rooms for rent building, bringing new options for living, recreation, and leisure to its full-block site already a strip mall and under-used parking lot. Located at a busy commercial intersection near Lake Michigan and adjacent to a daily traveller rail stop, it is designed as every day -friendly hub that has a positive impact on the better urban evolution of its neighbourhood. Featuring indoor and outdoor comforts, the residential tower rises from the plinth, which supports a costly green roof and is held by a grocery store. At street level, wider, improved sidewalks complement the building’s retail arcade and lobbies, contributing to a dynamic, walkable society scene.

The tower’s facade stresses its structure with a playful array of stacked concrete panels forming columns, bays, sunshades, and balconies, offering multiple lucky chances for residents to socialize, enjoy the outdoors, and connect to the encircling neighbourhood and city. The building’s balcony “stems” act as a line that takes gravity loads to the ground. Platforms longer from the stems in phyllotactic patterns that allow oblique sight lines between neighbours, bright social state of being connected through architecture.  Right off the bat from a design point of view, it has an different balcony configuration, "with a playful array of shapely concrete panels forming columns, bays, sunshades, and balconies, offering multiple lucky chance for residents to be friendly at gatherings and enjoy the outdoors and connect to the  encircling neighborhood and city."