Classy Interior for an apartment

Oct 15, 2019

In this apartment, centuries-old traditions meet passing contemporary trends. And bright designer’s creativity coupled with the sense of humor of the clients helps turn this mixture into a true masterpiece…

The hosts of this apartment, a family, are passionate about art and their strongest desire was to surround themselves with artworks and extremely beautiful furnishing. At the same time, they were dead against a luxurious interior. What they wanted were injections of bright colors, fashionable elements, and family coziness. Professional designers were hired to implement all these ideas in reality.

As for the stylistic concept, it was determined to base the interior on classics, but with the addition of elements that seem absolutely hostile to it: such as ultramodern-style furniture colors as black and dark green. The dark background appeared to be a win-win solution for expressive pieces of furniture and art, and this home, just like it was supposed to, gradually transformed into a mini picture gallery.

Living Room

The pictures are matched by reserved furniture, for instance, a hand-crafted coffee table. Big indoor plants add visual symmetry to the room, and this is a tribute to classical style.


In a word, there are many pieces in this space that deserve a special mention. One of them is a kitchen island quite unexpectedly displaying a bunch of appliances in retro style, which makes the kitchen a cozy and homey compartment.

Dining room

An absolutely opposite impression is made by a sophisticated and elegant luster in the dining zone that almost kills you with its beauty at first sight. Afterwards, your eyes are likely to catch the black chairs designed in pure classical style, but with a touch of charcoal.

Master Bedroom

The room interior is designed by using the floral pattern. Dark dye creates a stunning background for airy large-scale white flowers, and the entire composition blends perfectly with classical moldings and carved woodwork of the bed.


What deserves a special mention here is the bathroom. Being separated from the bedroom with just a glass door it almost became an integral part of it. Besides, the authors used the same flooring materials for both rooms to enhance this feeling.

The dark green color of the bathtub gives tribute to the rest of the rooms in the public space. The wall behind the sinks is emphasized with black mosaics and the role of color injections is played by brass frameworks of vanity.

Kid’s Room

A purple velvet sofa and a rug with some space print unexpectedly break into pure classical finishes of the room. The same effect is produced by an ultra-modern puzzle-shaped light fixture, which also ironically fit into this room’s interior so well.

In the kid’s room it was determined to do without any original interior solutions, and hence its color scheme appears to be absolutely contrasting to the rest of the rooms – it’s very light and mostly grayish. However, this room couldn’t escape a touch of designer’s humor too.