CO2-Neutral museum design by COBE and The museum will be built in wood in Sweden

Oct 16, 2019

COBE has won an international competition for a new science museum in the Swedish University of Lund. The museum will be built in wood, is completely CO2-neutral and has the potential to become a future sign of sustainability. The Science Center is the name of the brand-new Science Museum, which will open in 2024 in the city of Lund, south of Sweden. The museum is located in the heart of Scandinavia, the new urban district science village of Swedish University City.

New districts are already in the high-tech organizations ESS (European Spallation Source) and MAX IV, which is currently under construction and it, will be the worlds most powerful and advanced research facilities in neutron and X-ray research. Organizations are intended to deliver groundbreaking basic research into the natural sciences for the good of humanity and to help discover, develop, and discover new materials in a wide range of areas, including medicine, space research, plastic, energy, motor, transport, information, and telecommunications and biotechnology.

"From the beginning, we have created integral aspects of the design process environment, environment and sustainability. By choosing wood as the main building material, including solar cells, using additional heat and enriching biodiversity and sustainability," said Dan Stubbergaard, COBE's architect and founder. An encroachment with water collection, among other features, we achieve our goal and if CO2-neutral building is successful, design purpose has been realized. Our hope, as architects, is that we can continue focusing and improving our ability to sustainable architecture and construction for future generations and planetary conditions."