Comcast Skyscraper By Fosters and Partners-Architecture shelters Restaurant, Office Space & Television studios

Oct 16, 2019

It appears to be somewhat existential architectural concept. If the Christmas tree perched on top of the spire is any indication, the Comcast Technology Center is officially the tallest building in Philly. The Comcast technology centre is an under construction tower in centre city Philadelphia. It includes 60 floors,and a height of 1,121 feet (342 m), and it has a title of 9th tallest building in the United States. The centre is based on the southwest corner of 18th and Arch streets, one block west of the Comcast centre. There's a restaurant which is located on the top floor, office for Comcast developers and engineers on the central floor and the television studio and retail on the lowest floor. It was started in 2014 and expected to be completed in 2018. It's the most energy –efficent construction in the town.

Architectures viewpoint

Kendall/Heaton with Foster and Partners are the hooked up architects, interiors are done by contract is given to L.F. Driscoll company. An office space is around 1.566 million rentable square feet, including 1.334 million rentable square feet,hotel space nearby 230,112 square feet and 2,682 rentable square feet of retail space will be created when the tower is completed. 125,000 gallons of water a set of five tuned sloshing dampers are located on the 57th floor between the hotel rooms and lobby. On windy days to reduce the bending of the upper part of the tower a moving water has resisted. More than 1 million square feet of office space, Comcast employees will make their new home in about 1.3 million square feet of offices. Restaurant and a lounge on the very top floor has a 360-degree views of Philly. The project has a “state-of-the-start” particle space” for technology startups. building has a quality of  3,483 square feet of retail space open to the public. A smart feature of the skyscraper includes a “central brain” plant that will be able to do everything from track how many people are currently in the building to predict the weather. Comcast Technology Center is addressing for LEED Platinum certification and is expected to be 50 percent more energy efficient than its sister tower. The building itself is wrapped in glass that has a microscopic layer of silver for extra thermal protection. Plus, the panes of glass are filled with a special gas that conducts a low amount of heat.

Benefits of construction

The hotel will be situated on the 48th to 56th floors with a lobby and restaurant on the 60th floor. The apartment will include 219 rooms with 39 of them being suites. The building will also include television studios, a retail mall, and a parking garage. The entire project contains about 1,566,000 square feet (145,500 m2). The property will be joined by Comcast and Liberty Property Trust and has an estimated cost of$1.5 billion. Comcast's NBC station WCAU (channel 10), along with Telemundo's WWSI (channel 62) has announced plans to move their studio operations and offices from City Avenue, the Philadelphia-Bala Cynwyd boundary, to several of the lower floors of the building.

Chief Brian Roberts procured three condo units in the skyscraper for $14.3 million. The 45th-floor apartment will be run by the Four Seasons Hotel. There will also be 47 bike racks at the center, two stories underground parking beneath the building will be located also.