Conceptual design framework of MARTa Herford Museum buit by Archimedes GmbH

Oct 16, 2019

Drawing from Herford's position as a German center of furniture and house furniture production, idea of ​​a museum established in 2000. Founder director of the museum, Jan Hoet, was a well-known Belgian curator. Roland Nachtigäller was nominated as director in 2009. This building was designed by Frank Gehry and was built by Archimedes GmbH. Construction began in 2001, and it was officially opened to the public on May 7, 2005.

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There is a look at the MARTa Herford Museum in Herford, Germany, and it is clear who's holding a pen in their hands; this draws the first conceptual design for this playful framework. Frank Gehry started his exclusive touch on the brick and stainless steel structure in 1998. It's one time, a unique design and a signature building that is apparently Gehry's artistic mind.

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The museum, which is mostly contemporary art, opened in 2005 after four years of construction. Its name features the purpose of art, architecture / ambience, and the purpose of the city in which it is located. Herford is known for its rich furniture industry, which represents 20% of furniture made in Germany. Every year, there are two major industry trade shows in the city, which serve as both barometers for international forums and businesses. According to Gehry’s mind, the articles published about the building, the main idea behind the design of the museum is to highlight and redefine the conflicting links between art and business.