Continuous curvaceous path of different heights Hypnotic bridge

Oct 16, 2019

Bridges to join with people but become a significant landmark and an icon element in the city's full skyline. An example of the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, the Tower Bridge of London and the Howrah Bridge joins with Howrah and Calcutta; we can see that the bridges have given the character or identity to the city.

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The bridge is composed of all obstacles to the caverns, valleys, water bodies, or any other physical barrier. Interestingly, the first bridge was created by nature by a log that fell into the stream. Chinese successfully built Suspension Bridge at the beginning of 206 BC. Chinese and later, using a stone to build a Chinese built bridge About 605 AD was built during the oldest existing stone stone soy dynasty in China in Zhaozhou Bridge. There were also ancient Roman great bridge builders. They used pozzolana cement as components such as water, lime, sand and volcanic rock. Iron Bridge was built in the 18th century in Kolbrookdale, England. However, with high tactile strength, such as steel, it was explored with industrial revolution, which has long been a great help in the building with the bridge.

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The fate of the bridge is now here. Suspension bridges and arched bridges are located in changsha, China, in Futuristic, Sinaius and Honeycomb. In this unique design, there are three different roads in a continuous curvaceous path at different heights. He has also been given the first prize in the international design competition for this project.