countryside comfortable and holiday balanced barn houses

Oct 16, 2019

Adjusted Barn is situated on a beautiful place in a small lake in the English rural area near Thorington in Suffolk. Barn responds by its architecture and engineering on the site's position and natural setting.

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Traditional barn shapes and reflective metal sheets refer to them from the local context local language. In this sense balanced barn goal is to live up to its educational goal to make the countryside evaluate and make the modern architecture accessible. In addition, it is both a comfortable and exciting holiday home. Set on a high standard of comfortable and elegance, set in a beautiful English landscape, it connects its temporary residents in one experience.

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Near the 300 meter drive, the Balancing Bar looks like a small, two-person house. At the same time when visitors reach the end of the track, they suddenly experience full length of volume and cantilever. Barn is 30 meters long, with 15 meter cantilever on a slope; cover the head of the house in nature. The reason for this wonderful setting is the linear experience of nature. As the site slopes, and the landscape with it, the visitor experiences nature at the height of the tree at the first ground level and at the end. Linear structure provides a stage for the changing outdoor experience.