Creative design has a special architectural signature and Villa Dirickz constructed for an industrial monument

Oct 16, 2019

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David S. Ingalls Skating Rink in New Haven

The building is also known as 'Yale Whale', which refers to Yale University, from which Eero Saarinen has graduated. Creative design has a special architectural signature, which often uses caterers' arches. The hockey arena has a poorly concrete roof supported by strong concrete 90-meter-high arch.

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Villa Dirickz

The second main building of modern architecture is Villa Dirickz. It includes eye-catching blocky features, glass works, and white concrete surrounded by greenery. Villas, have a lot of interior and there are facilities like wine cellar and cinema. Marcel Leborgne is a leading Belgian architect, and he is the father of modern architecture in his hometown. This house was constructed for an industrial monument Mr.Dirickz, who took an interest in art. After many years, the villa fell into a well of neglect until the developer bought Alexander Cambron an in 2007. Cambron dedicated the villas to all possible sources for the renovation.

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Isokon Building in London

The Isokon Building, which is still used by this day, has 32 apartments; there are 24 studio apartments and 8 single bedroom apartments. The building also includes a staff room and a large garage. There were small kitchens in the apartments because there was a sectarian kitchen at the disposal of residents. They can use it to prepare food. There were also other services like laundry and shoes. Avanti Architects, who are specialized to upgrade apartments, modern architecture, renovated the building in 2003. With this renewal, people established a sectarian gallery in the garage to tell the history of the building. Concrete Residential Block Grade-1 is listed as a building and it is one of the main architectural landmarks in the British capital.

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Neue National Galerie

Dedicated to modern art, the museum organizes an art collection which is in the early 20th century. Those typical modernist designs contain large amounts of glass, clam roof and flat exterior. The building is surrounded by a sculpted landscape, which was also made by Mies Van der Rohe. The museum is a section of the National Gallery of the Berlin State Museum. Gallery has been closed for renewal since 2015.