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Oct 16, 2019

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Plant-covered buildings

We have released more proposals for plant-covered buildings than this year ago. Some of the 15 plans under construction and others simply think - Thomas Heatherwick's 1000 trees development is in Shanghai. As the name suggests, the building will eventually be covered in spreading foliage of 1,000 collar growers. Trong Nghia Architects went ahead with this trend by connecting bamboo-covered houses in Hong Minh City, one of which won a category award this year at the World Architecture Festival, while Stefano Boeri unveiled plans to create "vertical forests". From Nanjing to Mars

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Shipping container proposals

While the reconstruction of shipping containers is not entirely new, proposals are increasing in the year of ambition, from the hot tubes and swimming pools to the back-yard office and the football stadium. This year's most read story is proposed to be striking specifically for the home made of a bright white cargo container playing in the California desert. Great popularity with readers was made from Brooklyn's home stacked container, which engages in a reduction in pavement.

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Pink facades

The hottest color trend in 2017 was the thousand years of pink, even though Panton believed that. Craze, who started his life in interior and accessories, actually entered the architecture, in which Duggan Morris chose a color for the entrance of the main Kings Cross Development. Many other pink-colored projects have also emerged: Simon Astridge added dusty pink expanse to London's home, Productora colored California bungalow in color, and ExtraStudio used pigment mortars to give a new tenant of life to former Wineries in southern Portugal.

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Japanese-inspired interiors

With the expansion of London's home, Japanese people inspired Japanese-style baths to control this trend at the beginning of the year, crowned as the winner of Don't Move Improve! 2017 Home Improvement Award Continued another overhaul theme of a Victorian house in London, with pan-plastics planking to mention the Japanese heritage of paper with tatami mating and smoke-oak painting. On the forefront, Japanese restaurant chain Nobu converted the 1950s beachfront hotel to a high-end, Japanese-inspired retreat in California.

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Moving buildings

In 2017, the pool, motor and cranks continued with a bronze tube leading up to "Solar Wings" of Dubai Apple Store in Thomas Heatherwick's Fosun Foundation Events Space. At the low-tech end of the spectrum, Fernando Abellanas suspended a small-scale sliding artist studio on the lower track of the bridge in Valencia, and Olson Kundig built a house in the American West, with a 7-meter glass wall-both hands operated by the crank.