Cultural Centre of New York - Guggenheim Museum.

Oct 16, 2019

The museum of the internationally acclaimed art museum and one of the most important architectural icons of the 20th century can be taught by teacher-led daily trips. The Guggenheim Museum in New York is an important cultural center, an educational institution and the center of museums international network. Visitors can experience modern art, artists, and exhibitors for critics, exhibitions, teenagers, and adults. Founded on the collection of early modern masterpieces, the Guggenheim Museum is a well-organized organization.

In 1943, Frank Lloyd Wright was assigned to design a building to keep a non-objective painting museum, which Solomon R. Founded in 1939 by the Guggenheim Foundation In the letter dated June 1, 1943, Hilla Rebay, the director, and director of the Curator Museum, instructed Wright, "I want to believe in the temple of the soul, a monument!" Wright's inverted-ziggurat design was not built until 1959. Several factors contributed to the delay of the 16 years: the change in design, all said that the architect had created 6 different plans and 749 drawings, the acquisition of additional assets and the increased cost of building materials after World War II, the museum benefactor, Solomon R. After the death of Guggenheim, the project was delayed. The foundation acquires a land area on the fifth avenue between the 88th and the 89th Streets in the east, but the construction has been delayed for various reasons until 1956, among which the Samuel R. Guggenheim died in 1949 and post-war inflation. It was not until 1956 that the making of a museum, named after Guggenheim, was changed, finally, he started.

The set of the museum is developed in tune with eight decapods, and Solomon R. Some imperative private collections are started on the ancestor of Guggenheim's initial collections. This collection is shared with the Museum's sister museums in Bibles, Spain and elsewhere. In 2013, about 12 million people visited the museum and formed the most popular exhibition in New York.