Digital innovation art of modern building design along with tiny houses and accessibility designs.

Oct 16, 2019

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Small Space Living

In 2019, a growing trend of small spaces, including small cabins, petite prefabs and breathtaking air stream transformation, is continuing. Minimalism and small life can be life-satisfying solutions for anyone trying to live in an environment-friendly lifestyle, or for people with whom there are no vacancy to work. Living in a small space proves that no matter how much space you have, there is always room for good design.

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Accessibility in Design

The accessible design ensures that everyone has adequate and functional places in both public and private references. Paying attention to the needs of households depicted above, such as homeowners attention. The plan creates accessible paths for the Melanie Maher, which uses wheelchairs after diagnosing muscular dystrophy. Flexibility In addition to homeowners, homes designed for old age is other examples of decorations that emphasize accessibility. Habitat communities that provide shelter for victims of homelessness, or those who struggle with mental health, also focus in such a way that the architecture can provide positive solutions at a personal and social level.

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Architecture in the Middle East

Architecture is focusing more in the Middle East in the Middle East. It is noteworthy that new projects like Qatar National Library are one of the most influential buildings of 2018, and professionals such as Lebanese architect Hashim Sarkis, who will build an architectural exhibition at the next Venice Biennale. Global events have also attracted attention for emerging infrastructure in the Middle East. Qatar will host the next World Cup in 2022, which has raised curiosity about the stadiums created for the event. Meanwhile, the Syrian refugee crisis has created an urgent need to build millions of homes and has sparked the development of new types of emergency shelters.

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Digital Innovation

Technology and innovation make new tools and solutions, so printing has have had a big impact on the construction process. As shown above, it is now possible to build whole houses using technology. Artificial Intelligence Systems, which use algorithms to design buildings, also shines in discussions about whether there should be a limitation on what works on the technique.