Dragonfly Skyscraper: Fantasy of Vincent Callebaut and one of the most clearly discussed architectural work Cobra Towers

Oct 16, 2019

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Cobra Towers, Kuwait

The Cobra Towers project is one of the most clearly discussed architectural projects on the Web. A plan to build a skyscraper in Kuwait in 2030. The tower will be 1 kilometer long. This move is done not only by the size of the building but by the arguments of how the elevator will appear; the shape of the towers does not allow the standard form of the elevator. Probably, it will act by air compressed by numeric tube theory. Towers will not only be the highest but also the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world.

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Underwater Hotel

There are no boundaries in the field of entertainment: A group of architects of '103 International' have developed underwater resort projects. Its surface is impressive. The hotel is built so that every window ignores the depth of the sea. That goes for the same restaurant and entertainment complex. For those who prefer more traditional ways of rest, it is a part of the hotel located on the water.

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Dragonfly Skyscraper, New York

Here is another fantasy of Vincent Callebaut. There is a 700-meter-long vertical farm on Roosevelt Island. This complex, an environmental environment, an ultramodern village in the world's largest megopolis, will be a unique one. According to the author's design, the interior of the interior of the building will be greenhouses and dairy and meat farms. However, despite its benefits and environmental friendship, the project has not received much support from the city's residents, and its construction is now on stake.