Elegant innovative greatest architects of modern architecture works

Oct 16, 2019

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Renzo Piano

The Italian-born architect was ranked among Time magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People in 2008. Italian Pritzker prize winner architect piano is important for shaping modern architecture, which is in its own identity. Shard - Europe's tallest skyscrapers have faced many controversies in its construction, but many believe that it has provided London the way to join the 21st century. In her younger years she worked with world-renowned architect Louis Kahn and soon became known for its unique content and details.

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Jean Nouvel

Nouvelle is a French-born architect who has won many prestigious awards and honors for projects including the Prisoner Prize in 2008. Nouvel’s most famous fame came in winning a design competition for the Arab World Institute in Paris, which gave it international recognition. The mechanical lens of the southern wall opens automatically and closes and reminds of Arabic latrines. The device automatically controls the internal lighting from the external light level. Naval works are well known around the world and the use of its innovative architectural ideas makes it very different from many modern architects today.

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Moshe Safdie

Safdie is another product of Louis Kahnani's training that leads to its stunning modern architectural career. Originally from Haifa, Safdie 1967 is known for international and universal exposition - Expo 67, which was Canada's flagship celebration during its centenary and was considered to be a significant cultural achievement. Safdie has been given many credentials, which is one of the best gold medals from the Royal Archaeological Institute of Canada.