Oct 16, 2019

The Casino Empire City invited the studio V Architects for developing an addition to their casino and racetrack in the Yanker’s NY, Part of the addition, include a new entry where FTL was invited in the developing of a new part-cohere for this facility which gave the arrival at the casino a spectacular theatrical quality and provides a 30 car enclosed valet parking.


By using linear foil pillows running along with the grid lines allowed for a highly efficient solution offering both of the rain and snow protection. The FTL developed a design for a grid shell concept based on the toroid form which was carved out to accommodate the traffic patterns and clad in an ETFE fail pillow technology for the protection. LED lighting system with a transparency gradation frit pattern on the foil gave them the ETFE material a luminous and the reflected quality with the color changing option.


The inflammation of air supply was canceled in the steel frame structure and this ETFE pillow structure is one of the first examples of the technology in the US and a wonderful alternative to the heavy glass structures.