Enjoyable nightlife and intense cultural experience of the southeastern state of São Paulo, Forma itaim tower

Oct 16, 2019

São Paulo(forma itaim tower) is Brazil's largest city, of which there are 12.1 million municipal populations and its metropolitan area has approximately 21.3 million people - the second most populous in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the capital of the southeastern state of São Paulo, and it is also a beehive of activity that provides an enjoyable nightlife and intense cultural experience. São Paulo is the main economic center of South America and it holds the 10th largest GDP in the world, though poverty is still widespread due to blatant social inequality, especially in the suburbs.

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The building has 123 apartments and has 25-story towers with support of common areas and parking on the ground. These towers constitute small houses with large personal terraces, through the strict requirements of functional optimization through volumetric limitations imposed by the rules. The project seeks to raise and highlight the slenderness of volume in the ever-increasing ocean of São Paulo's non-commercial skyscrapers.

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This floor is featured in two parallel bases and one central communication core, in which two batteries of Panoramic Elevators are included. The main open directions of the houses are north and south, which have deep balconies to reduce the intense Brazilian solar radiation, whereas the eastern and western sides are the most open in the climate of São Paulo, it is solved with a key part of an extremely protected surface. Ventilated façade of large-format glazed ceramic pieces. On the sides of the balcony, ceramic coatings are made of lattice, which protects the privacy of the houses and frames the inward thoughts. Combining the colours of the pieces of the pieces, colored personalization of each layer, as well as exploration of unity, provides a unique qualitative value demanded by the client, especially those looking for colored towers.