Garden Swing

Oct 15, 2019

Everyone likes swinging on the swings. Perhaps, with the exception of those unfortunate people, who get sick from just the thought of to-and-fro movements. A garden swing for kids means fun, thrill and fresh wind blowing in their faces. Tired of big city life, adults associate a swing with the sense of lightness and floating, bringing memories of sweet children and giving a chance to forget about gadgets for at least a few minutes.

Simple swings for kids

Making a kid happy with a makeshift garden swing is a piece of cake – just get a good rope, reliable fasteners and a seat of any origin – a wooden support, a car tire or an old skateboard.  Your kid will be happy! and not just the kid.

Swings for adults

Making an adult happier is more difficult. They want a seat with a cushion, a pillow, a place in the shade and so that feet didn’t touch the ground. Such a wish list gives you two options: either look for a full-fledged swing in a specialized store or re-make an old arm-chair. However, when it comes to adults you shouldn’t be worried about the breadth of fluctuations – most grown-up people prefer mild swinging to rotating 360 degrees.

Beautiful swings

Let’s not forget that a garden swing can be a piece of art, and besides serving for its intended purpose, it’s an important part of your landscape or terrace. So, when a moon visits you next time (and if you have certain skills, of course), you may try to create a garden swing of your own. But if you need to start swinging right now, hire a professional and have a wood-carved piece custom-made.

Comfortable swings

A garden swing may bring you something more than just the joy of floating – it can be a well developed suspended bed, on which you may have a good rest. This is not a dream or a beautiful story of an adventurer. You may hang a well-developed chair or even a bed.