Glenstone is a private contemporary art museum in Potomac, Maryland

Oct 16, 2019

Glenstone is a private contemporary art museum in Potomac, Maryland, 15 miles away from downtown Washington, DC, which has around 1,300 works in many media worldwide after World War II artists and is known for its unique setting in a vast natural landscape. The first to be opened in 2006, the museum was expanded several times in size between 2013 and 2018 on its 230-acre campus. On 4 October, 2018 a new museum was opened in public, in which the pavilion, an arrival hall, entry pavilion, bookstore and two cafes are known. The museum was developed and its fund was developed by billionaire American businessman Michelle Rales, created by Emily We Rails and she is openly open to online booking. Along with it, other private museums like Frick Collection and The Phillips Collection have been compared.

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In 1986, Rales bought Potomac, Maryland property, former Fox Hunting Club to build his own house. Shortly thereafter, Rales started collecting art for that house. After a near-death accident on a helicopter trip to Rales, Rales first conceived the idea of establishing a museum, which gave him a focus on philanthropic projects.

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The name of Glenstone is for the nearby Glen Road, and due to the nearby stone valley. In 2006, the museum's initial 30,000 square foot modeling limestone was opened, and the visitors accepted two days a week. In its first seven years of existence, the museum accepted 10,000 visitors.