Green infrastructure and Eco friendly projects around the world.

Oct 16, 2019

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In the last two decades, the construction industry is deserving of dramatic change, by changing the way of the future traditional spatial concepts are no longer valid. Now, the store is used for building materials, crowd funding and cooperative design have become more popular approaches in architectural projects, while focusing on the importance of green infrastructure and energy efficiency, and the lines between private and public space are becoming increasingly blurred Is there. We really found the changes very impressive. It's a mystery that technology has sparked incredible speeds! Architecture is not an exception.

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As architecture we know that it can disappear and in the future, the role of architects can be very different for how we recognize it today. Experts, for example, environmental science and social anthropology, will become active team members in the design studio, who work on complex projects that require knowledge in different fields. It is reasonable to expect that the emergence of experts from different fields will currently eliminate many job profiles existing in the construction industry. Experts say that collaboration with system leaders is no longer luxury, but there is a need to meet critical structural needs.

Immersive Architecture

Imagine the artificial world that you can observe, pass, touch things, and respond to everything around you in real-time. This is an immersive virtual reality and these spaces have been created using a combination of computer graphics, wireless tracking technology, headsets, HD projects, polarized glass and more, all work together to create interactive and real-life experiences with each other. The world of 3D virtual design and engineering is a fast growing field and these areas are seriously considering moving forward.