Headquarters Of the London Authority - City Hall, London

Oct 16, 2019

City Hall is the headquarters of the Greater London Authority, which includes the London Mayor and the London Assembly. It is located in Southwark on the south coast of the Thames River near Tower Bridge. Designed by Norman Foster and opened in July 2002, two years after the Greater London Authority's creation. It was completed in 2002. That is, it was completed 16 years ago. The hall was owned by the owner of "More London Development Ltd". The height of this hall is 45 meters. This hall has been prepared by Norman Foster Architect. And was done by Foster and Partners Farm.

For the first two years of its existence, the Greater London Authority was based at Romney House in Marsh mouth, Westminster. In the meetings of the London Assembly, it took place at Marshall Street, at Emmanuel Centre.

City Hall was constructed at a cost of £ 43 million, which was previously occupied by the London serving of London's pool. This building is not affiliated with GLA but has been rented under a 25 year rental. Despite its name, City Hall is not in any city, which often adds confusion to Greater London's City of London, which is the headquarters of Guildhall. In June 2011, Mayor Boris Johnson said that for the London 2012 Olympic Games, the building will be called the London House.

The 500-meter (1,640 ft) Helical Walkway has ten complete stories. A display and meeting distance at the top is called London's Living Room, with an open-view adorn that is rarely open to the public. Walkway provides built-in views of the building, and aims to make transparency symbolic; a similar device was used by Foster in its design for the Reichstag rebuilt, while Germany's capital was carried to Berlin. In 2006 it was declared that photovoltaic cells would be suited in the building by the London Climate Change Agency.

The Greater London Authority, the Greater London Council and the predecessor of the London County Council, were their headquarters in South Bank's ambitious County. Even though the old council chamber of the County Hall is still intact, the building is nonexistent for use by GLA due to other things, a luxury hotel, and entertainment arcade and aquarium conversion. Council chamber is located at the bottom of the helical stairs. Assembly seats are arranged in meetings and desk privacy forms, where there is no clearly defined "head", podium, or chair where the speaker, council chair or mayor can sit. The level raised for meetings for visitors or observers is located on one side.