Heritage Temples design all around the world

Oct 16, 2019

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The Chola temples

Beautiful Chola Temples live the stories of the vast empire, which was founded in Thanjavur. These magnificent temples built during Rajaraja's rule were the teachings of the great religious attitude of these rulers, because the inscriptions and wall chronicles sing about their grand rule. In ancient times, this temple was a religious center only, but a full functioning profession was established, which was served and maintained by hundreds of priests, 400 devadasi and permanent workers of 57 musicians. The temple was also used to give money on fixed interest rates to ship owners, craft guild and villagers. The whole temple engraved in granite is believed to be inspired by Pallava architecture. The Bharata- Natyam 108 beautifully decorated pagan saints are reflected on the walls.

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Khajuraho temple

The well-known monuments of the world, which are a source of emotions, are famous; Khajuraho temples have only 10% of the subject matter idols that are balanced with non-sensual images. Chandela dynasty, whose temples under construction, believed in Tantric ideology. The main basis of which is the perfect balance between a man and a woman. Both Tantric and Hindu schools believe that none exists without any other, while the male theory has the form and potential, the female has the equivalent power! Such progressive ideas on the union exist even after the interaction between the two and today we want to ask questions on our own wrong thoughts.

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It is widely accepted belief that the great war fought between the Kauravas and Pandavas in Kurukshetra is important for shaping the history and geography of the Indian subcontinent as we know it today. Mahabalipuram's temples show exactly that, in the rock cut of the architecture of the great temples, a great epic scene can be clearly seen. Architecture shows a clear indication of sectarianism that began during this period because different fields were assigned to separate Gods. Marco also describes seven pagodas of Mahabalipuram in Polo's tour, related to the original structure built at the time of the city's rich commercial harbor. There is only one temple on this beautiful shore temple.