Historical ancient Egyptian culture Temple and Monuments

Oct 16, 2019

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Temple of Hatshepsut

Temple of Hatshepsut conjointly called Deir el-Bahr temple set opposite to urban center town, close to valey of Kings. The traditional Egyptian word ‘Deir el-Bahr’ meas ‘Monastery of North’. The temple was dedicated for Amun, The native supernatural being of ancient Egyptian town Thebes. The temple was engineered by swayer Maatkare Hatshepsut in fifteenth century B.C. the development of the temple was extremely influenced by the type of architecture of earlier Deir el-Bahri temple within the bank of river. It absolutely was engineered on 3 terraced levels.

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Luxor Temple

Luxor temple an excellent ancient Egyptian temple contains six temples in total. The temples were dedicated to Amun, mut and Khonsu, deities of ancient Egyptian town Thebes. the location is additionally glorious for one among most significant church festival in ancient Egypt called opet festival. The statues of vital deities Thebes, Amun, mut and Khonsu were sailed to Nile River at its time. The temple was made in 14th century B.C victimisation sandstones. The complicated remained into unsoundness for a long time. In 320 B.C the temple was reconstructed by Alexander the nice. There area unit several open areas at intervals the temple complicated. They were used for various quite worship throughout new kingdom amount, between 1539 B.C and 1075 B.C.

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Karnak temple

Karnak could be a massive ancient temple complicated placed within the bank of Nile. The positioning covers a massive space of one hundred hectares. It absolutely was originally called ‘Ipet-isut’ meaninf ‘most sacred places’. it’s the second largest temple complicated within the world. Karnak complicated contains three main temples, range of outer temples, chapels and different monuments. The development of karnak temple complicated started by 4000 years past and continuing for next thirteen hundred years. Quite thirteen pharaohs were worked for karnak complex. The temples within the site additionally represent differing types of worship existed within the history ancient Egyptian culture.

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Abu Simbel Temples

Abu simbel contains two huge rock temples placed in geographical area of Nile River. The temples were created by pharaoh Ramasses II between 1264 B.C and 1244 B.C, were carved out in mountainside. Abu simbel was dedicated to Sun Gods Amon-Re and Re-Horakhte. There square measure four 69 foot tall large statues of Ramasses II placed at entrance. When very long time the temple abandoned because it’s remote location.