How to decorate garden

Oct 15, 2019

It’s never too early or too late to beautify your outdoor territory. And it doesn’t really matter whether you already have a well-developed garden, how tall your vine is and whether your garden is already constructed. Nothing can keep you from making a few cozy and original accents.

Garden Art:  Garden decor is not limited to carefully trimmed shrubs and ceramic dwarves. It would be no excess to say that there are thousands of ways to decorate the yard, including moss words on the walls and rich compositions on suspended lights. In fact, almost anything can be adapted as a framework for a piece of garden art. The only limitation is your imagination.

Creativity: To our minds, garden decor should be cheerful and creative. An old bicycle covered with flowers, front playing roles of flower pots or, for example, a house with a living roof would be just perfect. But if your soul strives for something more sophisticated and elegant, which may house not just flowers, but also berries and herbs.

Wood decor: Using wood in décor seems to be the most logical solution for a garden. And here there are dozens of ideas for you – from wicker flower pots for moist and strawberries to a shelving unit created from wooden pallets. You may start from the simplest things and create something new.

Birdhouse: Try to make a birdhouse with your own hands to experience this feeling! Perhaps, over time you’ll notice a squirrel or a bird you haven’t seen before. It is a great way to show your imagination and creativity. A birdhouse can be made from Lego pieces, an old tea set, a doll chair or a clay flower pot. And if your creative mood wouldn’t stop with just one piece, you may create a whole set of birdhouses and arrange it as an alternative premier in the middle of your garden.