How to keep your home warm in Winter

Oct 15, 2019

There are plenty of ways that you could update your home to get it ready for the winter, rather than blasting that central heating or placing those unattractive lighten heaters around the house, you could creatively prepare your home for winter, so not only do you look stylish but so does your home.

Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are a great alternative to an open fire as they are far more efficient and much safer. They are also a great alternative to leaving your central heating system on if you will only be using one room, so you don’t have to waste money heating the whole house. Stoves are an incredibly stylish piece of furniture to add to your home, whether you are looking for a traditional piece or a more modern stove, they are a great way to add character to the place.

Keep warm floor in winter

For many homes, wooden flooring is a popular choice, and although they look extremely stylish already, during the winter months, the cold floors can feel a little crispy on your feet. By placing a few well-positioned carpets in your home, you can instantly update the look of it, as well as solving the problem of cold floors. They can add color, warmth and extra layer of coverage to stop the heat soaking out.

Usage of Candles

You may not think that candles give off a lot of heat but you’d be surprised at the difference they can make. Now, don’t be expecting the heat you may receive from a lusty fire, but a few well-placed candles can provide a deep warmth that can add to a room’s temperature. Candles create a warm glow that is extremely inviting, tricking you into feeling hot than actually, you are.

Usage of Curtains
You should consider updating some of your soft furnishings for the approaching winter weather, such as your curtains. Not only could they add personality to your home, they could keep out the cold and stop the warm air from escaping; they are a fantastic insulator and a great way to keep your home warm without compromising on style.