Huang Fang-Liang – the carton king or the artsy king?

After graduating from high school in Taichung County, he spent a few years working for paper and printing companies in around Taiwan. After returning to his hometown he decided to work on his own paper-cardboard workshop. There were older paper mills in Taiwan that dominated the market for craft and handmade paper, so he decided to give paper and cardboard packaging a try. This was also a very competitive sector, so he decided to focus on unique packaging items.

With his creative “out of the box” thinking, Huang Fang-Liang became the go-to man in the packaging trade, and Chin Tang Paper ware one of the most respected companies in Taiwan. In 2007 he built the Carton King Creativity Park just to show the world what could be done with most underrated things “papers and cardboard”.

The cartoon King Creativity Park, which opened in 2007  in Taichung City, (with two more branches in Jiji and Cingjing),  includes a restaurant where everything except for the food, the waiters and some cutlery, are made from cardboard and paper - including plates, cups, chairs and wall decorations.

I assure you haven’t seen anything like the Carton King Restaurant before. That restaurant is actually jaw-dropping as you actually sit on cardboard chairs, drink in cardboard cans, and eat your food out of cardboard bowls at a cardboard table. The food is pretty average being a bit on the pricey side, but that’s to be expected considering the amazing venue it’s served in.

“Those who had been in the trade a long time said to me that they had seen more paper items than the number of grains of rice I had eaten,” Huang says.

Aesthetic and Architectural fact:

The restaurant is a unique establishment, in both aesthetic and design .What’s great about this place is the idea of recycling things. In case anything breaks or is damaged, it is whisked away by a waiter to be recycled. "It's to give people an understanding of creativity and pass on an environmental message," That was actually the point of the whole Carton King Creativity Park, to show the real power of paper and cardboard, and convince people it can be used for a lot more than generic packaging.

Many people call it a LEGO houses as because the blocks are the same brownish color. After your meal roll around the garden outside, where a windmill, sheep and even the Eiffel Tower attract visitors and the Maple Tree at its best, with its beautiful autumnal paper leaves are all water and flame resistible and can be toted to safety in case of typhoons.

Prepare to sit yourself on cardboard chairs at your cardboard tables and eat your meal from cardboard bowls. And if you’re worried that sitting on the cardboard furniture may not be safe, ask for a demonstration from the 100kg chef, who is often pulled out from behind the scenes with a waitress perched on his lap to demonstrate the sturdiness of the cardboard designs.

“They told me paper products were only good for printing, drawing and wiping up messes. I wanted to use paper in the same way as plastic or wood is used to create dimensional packaging, but to them it was pretty much a joke.” Says Huang Fang-Liang. Well, he proved it and now it’s time for you to enjoy things there and create things with your own creativity.