Indoor and Outdoor spaces trending Modern art design

Oct 16, 2019

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Dispatch public and private spaces

The urban areas of India are thicker today than ever. This means traffic congestion and space waste. Cities are struggling to provide favorable areas for the growing population. The empty areas around the city are running out very quickly and expanding the city's area, which includes the outer parts and does not help the cause. That's why the connection of public and private spaces is a logical architectural trend for 2018. Earlier cities had well-appointed residential, industrial and commercial areas. This year it will change everything. Combining all these spaces in a single sphere will not only reduce the waste of the growing area but also reduce the transport needs of the residents, which have a happy life experience.

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The origins of the outdoor room

Living on the theme of the Space Crunch; urban residents need to use every inch of their wealth expertly. This will lead to the creative use of external spaces inside the property. In the last few years, the concept of formal room name has already disappeared. Today, the rooms in the living room, kitchen and dining spaces empty space for the second room. 2018 will see more flows from formal spaces. This year will be marked by the use of outdoor kitchens, decks, pens and outdoor grills. When such places are taken out, it will help interoperate more and organize storage locations.

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As mentioned earlier, 2017 was the year of eco-friendly architecture, and 2018 this trend will go forward. In the last year, green terraces, eco-friendly materials and green bridges were impressive in the world of architecture. According to the forecast, this year, architects will make their customers happy with green roofs and green walls. The houses will see more green areas inside them and some may also have indoor green parks