Interactive Arc shape Zip HydroTap Design for kitchen sink

Oct 16, 2019

Designed to seamlessly integrate at the top of your bracket and finished in clean, brilliant Chrome, this zip tape features a luxurious, sleek style and presents a complete, functional supplement to the modern kitchen. Zip HydroTap Design Range Celsius All-in-one water, cool and sparkling filter water, plus hot and cold water to wash water from the same tap. The application is single under the bench command center, enabling full color interactive touch screen display, pin code protection, boiling water safety mode, sensor-activated energy saving modes and "sleep when it’s dark".

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The beautiful HydroTap Celsius created by Zip Water, All-in-One Arc Design delivers home water needs from a single tape, reflecting today's trend to reveal the kitchen bench. In addition to the necessary requirement for zip water, hot and cold washing water, they have worked closely with the design community to understand the customer requirements while choosing a water device that serves their boiling, cool and sparkling desires.

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In a series of termination including Bright Chrome, Brush Chrome, Nickel, Brush Nickel, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Rose Gold, Brush Rose Gold, Gold, Brush Gold, Platinum and Gunmetal, Zip HydroTap is an all-in-one arc in any kitchen - Within or outside the home, residential or commercial