JDSA Architects wins the competition to design a new residential tower

Oct 16, 2019

JDSA Architects has won the competition to design a new residential tower and mixed-use development in France. Located in Rennes, the project will include new buildings at the Bleriot-Feval site to build a comprehensive neighborhood within the Eurorennes development. The geographical centerpiece of Master Plan, the new Feval Tower will offer 188 new apartments in the city.


The new Rannes Development is located next to the new opening station. The city's new Express train connections have encouraged new business development in Brittany’s epicentre reducing its neighbors and the capital from halfway to travel times. Samm sic has decided to transfer its headquarters to the Bleriot-Feval site, and has forwarded its development with the developers of Bati-Armor and Rennes municipality agencies. This place is divided into four plots and local architects Maurer and Gilbert and Paris office coordinated by JDSA in collaboration with SMAC and Think Tank.


The new project encourages density as a response to urban sprawl. The tower proposal proposes the density of the main plan as a public space at the ground level that invites the sidewalk to ascend to its base. The base will include a variety of professional programs, and the residential program level will increase to three, where the tower is the thinnest. Designed to reconnect with the Rennese legacy, the tower gets bigger as it climbs up, eventually reaching the maximum width at level 10. Here, the community park breaks down the form and welcomes residents of the building to a panoramic view of the city skyline. The building then converts all the way to its 27th floor and offers 188 new homes to residents of Rennes.