Kitchen Trends

Oct 15, 2019

The kitchen is an essential and probably the warmest part of every house. No matter how big or small a home is, a kitchen is one space which needs to be separate clearly. Most of the time, and especially in Indian homes, a kitchen is a fizzing hub of activity throughout the day. Therefore, the design and decor of kitchen assume substantial sense. With declining home spaces and growing modernization, modular kitchens have become a basic necessity in almost all homes. Modular Kitchens are extremely popular due to their lovely designs and accessories. For your modular kitchen, you can choose a color and finish that compliments your home interiors.

1. Spacey
The kind of space you have available will play a significant role in determining the type of modular kitchen. The common types of modular kitchens are:

Straight: Also the simplest of designs, here the counter up is against one wall. This is a perfect choice for small spaces such as a flat.

L-Shape: A popular choice for apartments, this helps utilize available space in the best way and is ideal for small or medium-sized kitchens.

Island: If you have a large space available, then designing the kitchen around an island is artistically pleasing. The island can also be used as a breakfast counter.

U-Shape: A good option for medium to large-sized kitchens, the counter will hug the walls on three sides.

2. Well-suited Corners
There is forced to be at least one corner in most modular kitchen plans, so try to make the best use of it. Go for a corner cabinet that can be pulled out. This makes the best use of the difficult space while enabling easy reach. Also, ease of cleaning the corners should be taken into consideration while choosing corner fittings.

3. Cabinet Position
If you want wall cabinets in your modular kitchen, ensure that it does not huddle the space. Choosing to put in cabinets that touch the ceiling will not just make access difficult, it will give your kitchen a boxed-in look. The cabinets need to be spaced evenly or designed to have a mix of vertical and horizontal doors. It is best to get some variety in terms of shelves and other fixtures inside them.

4. LED Lights

Lighting is one of the essential requirements of a modular kitchen. In addition to enhancing the look of the modular kitchen, the strategic spreading of light in the cooking and cleaning tasks. LED lights enhance the color of the cabinets. Other lighting systems, such as those under the drawers, effectively illuminate the appliances and items in the kitchen. Utility combined with practicality is the key here, alongside the fulfillment of a warm and sophisticated look.

5. Self-closing doors

The usage of self-closing drawers is a rising trend in the modern kitchen. Electrical opening systems for cabinets that activate with minimum push are also gaining popularity. Manufacturers are offering cabinet doors that can be lifted with ease.