Latest version of dynamic transformation Western Gateway

Oct 16, 2019

The Krause Gateway Center is located north of the Western gateway of downtown Des Moines and Pappajohn Sculpture Park. In recent years, the Western Gateway is reviving urban development and the Krause Gateway Center is the latest version of dynamic transformation.

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This building includes new Kum & Go corporate headquarters and offices for other companies of the Krause Group. Since the beginning of 1959, Kum and Go Stores has been serving and employing Iowa people with great pride and has been grown to do so in many nearby states. In nearly 60 years of business, stores and brands play important roles in communities that incorporate internal feelings of responsibility and responsibility of the company's partners, forming a new corporate headquarters post.

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The location provides all the amenities of Vibrant city within a couple blocks; Combining corporate, retail, residential, cultural and culinary locations Apart from this, the site is Downtown Core - one of the most important aspects of the urban park is on the street. A mix of historic and contemporary buildings is around the Pappajohn Sculpture Park, which was once thought to be an extension of the project site. The adoption of the sculpting park, the study of elevation change between Ingersoll St. and Grand Ave., and the value of the civic engagement shared by both Kyle Krause and Renzo Piano Building Workshop leads to the concept of transparency and openness at all street level. The effect is that the building is not a barrier, but rather the building encourages literal two-way communication between the public and the working people in the city. Experiences on the above office floor are also enhanced by virtually invisible paragraphs which block 360-degree views, as well as for long overhangs that protect internal space from direct sun radiation.