Maine architect Carol A Wilson has built a home in Batson River

Oct 16, 2019

Maine architect Carroll Wills has built a two-bedroom house in the Batson River, which had already occupied the site in order to disturb the nearby trees. The residence is located near the Batson River, which is upstream from the nickname branch which leads to Maine's Bay. When the home is designed to let its residents stay at one level, the lower floor includes guest suites and provides access to the river. In order to reduce the environmental impact of construction, the architect reinstated a Ranch House which had previously occupied the plot.

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The architect said, "This place was uncertain except for drilling four wells for geothermal heating and cooling system." Many large oak trees sit so close to the house that they need to be removed to change the basic changes.

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At the upper level, the building cantilevers its original footprint. To accommodate this change without affecting this site, the architect chooses to support the structure with thin columns resting on small concrete footings.