Make your guest room extra cozy

Many of us neglect our guest bedrooms or even use it as a storage dumping ground.

1: Big Mirrors

One of the most frustrating things to deal with when traveling is missing a full-length mirror. I always make sure I include a full-length mirror in all of my guest bedroom designs. It’s also a great trick for making space feel larger and airier. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can always choose a more narrow mirror or even hang one on the back of a door.

2: Frame Grouping

A trick for making a guest bedroom look pulled together and purposeful is to include frame grouping. For a more same look, use the uniform frame for each piece of art you display. You can try contrast of the same piece, similar pieces by the same artist or the same type of art, such as vintage movie posters or word art.

3: Cozy Seating

If you have the space, it’s always nice to make sure there are several variant areas for your guest to hang out and enjoy themselves. Adding even one comfort chair somewhere in the room can help to achieve this. A chair or two can help to create a relaxing spot where your guest can sit and read a book.

4: Use Single mattress

If you have a smaller guest bedroom, then single mattress might be the perfect solution. Though we often think of twin beds for kids' rooms, you can make them look fashionable in the right space.

5: Dresser

Another great option instead of a standard bedside table is to use a dresser. In addition to an empty closet for your guests, it’s nice to have a dresser they can use to unpack their smaller or folded items. You can also use one of the drawers to store extra towels or linens.