Marvels given to the world by Athens.

Oct 16, 2019

Marvels given to the world by Athens.

Athenians were the trendsetters in the world of architecture.  Being modest to the architecture but bringing finest of art to the world of architecture. They have ruled the architectural world by giving it some great marvels. The Athenians people indeed have brought the heaven down in their architectural pieces. The foundation of this kind of architecture was based on simplicity and harmony. The Greek architects of the bygone age strove for the excellence and precision of artistry which indeed are the hallmarks of Greek art. The styles merge into each other forming a labyrinthine bringing a different age and atmosphere to the capital. Modern-day Athens is using the turbulence and quandary of its generation to leave a legacy for the future creating immortal fame. We are not just going to mesmerize you with the words in the intro. Here we have also brought you some of their amazing piece of architecture which we found they are amazingly worked upon.

Athens Tower:

Alivertis-Dimopoulos the company constructed the tower which was designed by the Duo, Ioannis Vikelas, and Ioannis Kybritis. There are 105 offices and shops, seven elevators and parking space for 340 cars. The tallest of the two glass towers has 28 floors (including basement) at 103 meters high. It is connected to a shorter 65-meter 12-floor tower via a first-floor bridge. Despite two tremendous earthquakes ruining the city, the towers are still standing high on land.

Athens Hilton:

Four top Greek architects- Antonis Georgiades, Emmanouil Vourekas, Prokopis Vassiliadis, and Spyros Staikos, worked on its construction from 1958-1963. In 2003, Alexanderson Tombazis and Charis Bougadelis added a seven-floor northern wing with 74 rooms ahead of the 2004 Athens Olympics. It is a luxury hotel with 506 rooms, an on-site restaurant and the Galaxy bar on the 13th floor with panoramic views of Athens. The hotel also has a spa and a 25mx15m outdoor swimming pool. Its celebrity aura overtook the region that came to be known as the ‘Hilton area’.

Athens Concert Hall:

It was first known as Lambrakis shrine, thanks to the mighty press tycoon Christos Lambrakis.  Soprano Alexandra Trianti’s desire for an opera house took the form, with the inauguration of the two classical halls in 1991and these were architected by architects Emmanouil Vourekas, Ilias Skroumpelis and their international colleagues. Two large and two small concert halls offering first-class performances, conference centers, an auditorium, a digital library, gift shop, restaurant, and new ice-skating rink for the winter and a lawn for starry, outdoor summer concerts.

Acropolis Museum:

For this site to become an inspiration Konstantinos Karamanlis asked the  Swiss-French deconstructivist Bernard Tschumi to create a modern building that would fit into the picturesque landscape using light, movement and mathematical precision inspired by the clarity of Ancient Greek structures. A glass floor soothes a look into the ruins found during the construction stage of the museum while the sloped floor alludes to the upward ascent towards the Parthenon. The caryatid statues of the Erechtheion minus the missing kore removed by Lord Elgin are Highlights include The Parthenon gallery, on the third storey, is rotated 23 degrees from the rest of the building so as to be aligned directly with the Parthenon.