Metropolitan area branch Kansas University located in Kansas City

Oct 16, 2019

Kansas University, also known as KU, has a public campus in its main campus and various satellite campuses, research and academic centers, medical centers and Kansas sections across the state in Lawrence, Kansas. There are two branch campuses in the Kansas City Metropolitan area in Kansas: the University Medical School and the Hospital in Kansas City, the Edwards Campus in Overland Park and a Hospital and Research Center in the state capital of Topeka. There are also academic and research sites in Garden School, Hays, Leavenworth, Parsons, and Medical schools in Topeka and Sallie and Wichita. The University is one of the 60 members of the Association of American Universities.

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The university was opened in 1866, with the approval of the law passed in 1863 under the constitution of the state under the charter approved by Kansas State Legislative Assembly in 1866, and in 1850 after the 341 admissions of former Kansas region after 1861 State in the Union after the Interior Civil War, called "Bleeding Kansas".

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On February 20, 1863, Kansas governor Thomas Carney signed a bill to create a state university in Lawrence. The Law was Lawrence awarded a $ 15,000 endowment fund and near or near the city, less than 40 acres of land was subject to a site on a university. If Lawrence failed to meet these conditions, then Emporia would get a university instead of Lawrence.