Metropolitan environment with life and emotions Absolute Towers

Oct 16, 2019

Absolute World is a residential condominium twin tower skyscraper complex in the five tower Absolute City Center development in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The project was built by Fernbrook Homes and Citizen Development Group. With the first three towers completed (Absolute City Center 1 and 2 and Absolute Vision), the last two towers (Absolute World 4 and 5) were topped off at 50 and 56 storey

Architecture base
Its a residential condominiums type.located in 50-60 Absolute Avenue Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Completed in 2007-2012. Height of the tower 1 is  179.5 m (589 ft) and tower 2 is 161.2 m (529 ft) Floor count of tower 1 is 56 floors and tower 2 is 50 floors.There are 6 elevators in both the towers.Burka Architects and MAD studios are the architectures of the roof. Fernbrook Homes and Cityzen Development Group are the developers.The larger of the two towers twists 209 degrees from the base to the top, making it very similar to Turning Torso in Malmö, Sweden.

The structural design was done by Sigmund Soudack & Associates Inc, a Toronto-based structural engineering firm. The tower has six levels of underground parking.Sited at the junction of two main streets (Hurantario and Burnhamthorpe), the Absolute Towers gracefully bear their landmark status and act as a gateway to the city beyond. As a residential landmark that strives for more than simple efficiency, the buildings provide residents an emotional connection to their hometown and neighbors.
Eschewing the tradition of accentuated verticality in high-rises, the Absolute Towers choose not to emphasize vertical lines. Instead, the design features a smooth, unbroken balcony that wraps each floor of the building. In addition, at each successive level, the floor plate rotates in a range of one to eight degrees affording breathtaking panoramas of the Mississauga skyline concluding in reverence to the principle street intersection at its peak. By maximizing the viewing potentials inside and out, creating a wonderful medium for social interaction throughout the balconies, and connecting the city dwellers with naturalistic design principles, Mississauga is infused with a new charachter.

Man controls nature:
This design practice remains the axiom of the industrial revolution, man controls nature. We feel sustainability is a much greater concept which can guide a new culture of design resulting in real change. For instance, in traditional Chinese gardens, building and nature elements are integrated to create a spiritual and poetic environment fostering great literature, poem and music, or simply life and philosophy. Our approach, ergo, is to create a balanced environment that evokes the feeling of exploring nature while simultaneously a responsive model for the development of urban space in harmony with nature. A sustainable architecture in modern concept. Real sustainability results in a harmonious civilization.

This is the biggest challenge of our time. we rebuild urban environments with life and emotion where people are connected and respected.