Midtown Center – The Heart of the City, Washington, D.C.

Oct 15, 2019

Midtown Center is situated in downtown Washington, D.C., four blocks north of the White House and other signature landmarks. It is encircled by over 3,500 hotel rooms and surrounded by the 14th Street Corridor; Midtown Center offers tenants an effective work environment full of dynamic activity at the heart of the city. Midtown Centre is located at the 15th and L Streets. Midtown Centre is the middle of where Washington works and lives. In the day, decorating office buildings, first-class hotels and neighboring to the White House defines Midtown Centre. By night, closeness to the Logan Circle, Shaw, and the 14th Street Corridor defines Midtown Centre.

It is designed by New York-based Shop Architects. Midtown Centre is a 14 story building which will replace the actual Washington buildings and a neighboring office building. The building will characterize multiple three-story entrances and will have 45,000 square feet of retail space on two levels, a rooftop terrace, a fitness center, a public courtyard and a private alley. The building exterior will be consisting of curtain wall, including multiple elevations of 3D panel’s pre-patina copper cladding, massed at various depths to create a distinct pattern. The 3 bridges will be highlighted with copper, and each will broaden one hundred feet across an open plaza. The building will be designed to accomplished LEED gold certification and will have a green roof.

Midtown Center will have a collection of engaging restaurants, cafes, and markets. Retail spaces are arranged as glass jewel boxes, with wedge heights which range from 13–27 feet. Various opportunities for outdoor seating, further to a private alley and a European-style piazza will establish an outdoor ‘living room’ in the heart of Downtown Washington.

One of the best distinctive characteristics of Midtown Center is the private lane situated between Midtown Center’s retail plazas and bordering to Columbia Center. At 40 feet wide and 300 feet deep, with over 10,000 square feet of outdoor space vacant for outdoor seating and is an attractive different from the daytime offerings of the Central Business District. The lane also becomes a wanted after haven on weeknights and weekends.

The Office spaces holder enjoys the state of the art building systems, unique access to light and air, column spacing floor and exceptional comfort. An office is specified by highly dynamic floors with a core factor of approximately 11%. The ceiling of the office is height up to 8'10”. It is arranged by LEED Gold Certification. It is arranged by full height glass curtain wall.  The building terrace is constructed with expansive monumental views.

Midtown Centre will be delivered by Carr Properties in 2018. Carr Properties secretly adhered to real estate investment trust concentrating value for its shareholders through ownership, acquisition, and development of cordon bleu office properties in the area of Washington. The team controls approximately $ 2 billion of commercial office properties, adding 23 assets totaling over 4.2 million sq. feet and three main development properties.T he building will be constructed by Clark Construction. Clark has been helping his shoppers to build for over a century.