Multi generation houses and open residential spaces

Oct 16, 2019

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Attractive open residential spaces

About open-plan space connectivity and interaction. For me, this is an attractive trend, because it wants people to be more connected with their family and friends. The main rooms of the house become the areas of community activity, many things run at the same time. They feel home-friendly and welcome. People have returned to the idea of being entertained at home, and more families are coming together for activities like board families and movie night. Busy parents want to be able to keep tabs on children and perform other tasks while preparing dinner.

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Multi generation house

In many cities, the value of real estate is increasing much faster than the wages, so more and more young families are unable to stay alive and save for the first home. Likewise, retired people find it hard to get into the housing stairs. This increases the multi-generation house: where more than one generation lives under one roof, for extended period of time. Furthermore, friends can share a home for real estate nutrition in a desirable area. By sharing a home with other adults, you can help save money, manage monthly expenses, and stay home to the desired area when the domestic price fluctuates. Adult families with two main suites offer private space while enabling them to share resources under one place.

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Quicker and cheaper plans

Basis can designs are rarely being made in the residential architecture. It seems people who are building a new home want something architecturally interesting, but they prefer to rely on a “tried-and-tested” plan they can choose from a book. Often, these plans can be tweaked and altered to suit the client’s unique needs. Housing developments and off-the-shelf plans simplify the process and often offer a streamlined approval process for local council, meaning the client gets a home quicker and cheaper. As an architect, this means you might find yourself designing these types of homes more and more, while your bespoke designs will be for increasingly high-end clients.

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Relaxing places bathing area

When it comes to making a beautiful bathroom, it should be all about the selection of the tile. But now the bath is becoming the focal point of the bathroom space. I think people design their bathrooms to keep quiet, relaxing places to stay wandering, everyday life strikes. And bathing it is a huge part. More artifacts are being made in the form of Bath, so they look more than art establishment than bathing baths. My personal favorite Square is a stone tub that looks like some of the lustral basins from the Earth itself.

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Charging stations

Home office days have been lost in the forgotten bedroom. Now, working from home and working with people in areas of work and blurring with people working together, people are likely to sort their emails from their laptop in a couch or bathroom with their phones. With a growing range of devices and media hubs, the static office no longer works. Now, people are designing charging stations across the country - areas where devices can be stored, charged and used.